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Xiamen Ouge Digital Technology Co., Ltd. is a foreign trade supplier and manufacturer. Committed to creating a supply platform for the three major health products of "water", "air" and "sports". Covering products such as water purifiers, air purifiers and sports equipment, to provide customers with more comprehensive, better quality and healthier products. Serving businesses, families and urban development.
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Founded in 2008, AICKSN has been committed to the treatment and improvement of air, water and environment. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating OEM, ODM and independent brands. The company's R&D team conducted research and analysis on the world's environment and water quality, and developed the third generation of smart kitchen water purifiers in 2009, which improved the drinking water safety of users. AICKSN has always followed the brand culture of "confidence", "conscience" and "grateful heart" to produce healthy and safe domestic water. So far, more than 100 million households around the world are using the services and products provided by AICKSN. For drinking water, food waste disposer, water softening and other products, AICKSN meticulously builds intelligent purification solutions for the whole house.
12 / Jul
How to choose a water purifier? Remember "5 to buy and 4 not to buy" to avoid pitfalls and waste of money
How to choose a water purifier? Remember "5 to buy and 4 not to buy" to avoid pitfalls and waste of money I used to think that the tap water at home was quite clean, until I used a bucket to collect water after the water was cut off, and then I found out that I was wrong! It turns out that the difference is so big, and they all taste the same! Then I started my shopping journey, and installed 3 in total (of course, the pipes are not very complicated), and summarized the following experiences. For water purifiers, my personal opinion is: there are 4 types not to install, and 5 types to buy. This is by no means misleading, but a lesson learned from changing 3 units.
10 / Jul
If the following 5 conditions occur in the water coming out of the water purifier, can we still drink it? Don't be careless,!!!
Household water purifiers are now being used more and more. It can be said that at this stage, nine out of ten friends who are renovating their homes will consider installing water purifiers. It can also be seen from this that water purifiers have become a necessity in our lives. However, for most of our families, we don’t know much about some of the situations of water purifiers. And water purifiers may have some abnormalities in daily use. These abnormalities should arouse our vigilance. If the water purifier has these abnormalities, can it still be drunk? Don’t be careless, these situations should arouse vigilance. Susan shares this article: Abnormal water output of water purifiers. The full text is divided into five parts: water with bubbles; water output is white; water output is sweet; water output is turbid; water output has a strange smell.
08 / Jul
Why does the reverse osmosis membranes need to be cleaned or replaced frequently?
Hello everyone, today Susan is here to answer some questions about water purifier equipment. I hope it can be helpful to you. In the little moments of life, we often overlook those subtle but crucial existences. Just like the water purifier at home - especially the thin layer of reverse osmosis membrane (RO membrane).