AICKSN-RO-4000G (group separate quality water supply host )

AICKSN-RO-4000G (group separate quality water supply host )
Environmental temperature: 4°C-40°C
Environmental humidity: ≤90% (25°C)
Water purification filter element configuration: ATS+RO membrane, four groups in parallel, central water purifier configured+RO separate quality
Water production rate: 8L/min
Dimensions: 360*305*1620mm
Water pressure of inlet water: 0.1-0.6MPa
Applicable water source: municipal tap water
Inlet water temperature: 5-38°C
Filtration accuracy: 0.0001um
Water inlet and outlet interface : the body comes with 1 inch, can be configured with 6-point or 4-point adapter
Replacement method: snap-on disposable filter element

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